Where I live, country back roads are dark at night. Driving in the pitch-black can be scary. Headlights only show so much: yellow and white stripes on the road, pairs of glowing eyes along the side of the road and hopefully not in the road. It’s nice to see the glow of lamp posts on the horizon and know that you’re near a town. 

As a book reviewer and a writer, I struggle with ways to compose a unique critique. There are thousands of reviewer sites and although their opinions may vary depending on their focus and background, all of them are looking at: 

  • how the author tells the story (plot),
  • how the author develops the characters,
  • the author’s skill in putting the two together so that the reader is lost in the story (craft).

I still do this in the My Review section of book critiques, but my grading system will evaluate a different aspect. But this website focuses on bringing joy to those who are having difficult times. Lamp posts light the night, illuminating the way, the perfect unit for uplifting fiction. 

1 out of 5 lamp posts

Very little joy found in this book: cruel ending, inappropriate situations, and/or evil main characters with no redeeming qualities.

2 out of 5 lamp posts

I probably finished the book but it may have an unsatisfying ending, inappropriate situations, or undeveloped, static characters.

3 out of 5 lamp posts

The characters may have redeeming qualities but the book has an unsatisfying ending or the opposite.

4  out of 5 lamp posts

A good book that was just a little short of the goal. The characters may have redeeming qualities but didn’t change. Or it had a satisfying ending, but it was predictable from the beginning.


5 out of 5 lamp posts

Engaging characters that evolve throughout the course of a story that ends in happily-ever-after or another ending as satisfying. If I feel better at the end than I did at the beginning, it gets five lamp posts.

If you want more information about writing book reviews, Lesley Ann McDaniels has a great post on Good Reads and here is a sample of a long review.

If you have any questions about the system, feel free to contact me by clicking any of the social media buttons below.