In addition to being a writer, I also enjoy making art. My favorite is pen and ink drawing. For these, I use a .01 technical pen with permanent ink on handmade (rough) watercolor paper with a technique I call “scribbling” (just what it sounds like) to add layers of ink to the paper. It takes a long time, usually about a month per drawing.

Ella's House Sam's Place Old Ridgeway High School Lucy's Loft


Ella’s House

This house was located in Ridgeway, South Carolina. It was demolished around 1976, so was drawn from a 110 slide. Many details were lost when it was enlarged.

Sam’s Place

This house was demolished about five years ago, so I got to tramp around inside it before it got too decrepit. If you look on the left side, you can see that an extra room that was added to the back. In this case, I’m not sure if it was a bedroom or the kitchen.

Old Ridgeway High School

The old Ridgeway School was closed in the sixties. Grades one through twelve were taught here and the building to the right was an auditorium. Both have been demolished. The only thing still standing is the archway over the front entrance. Photographers sometimes use it as a setting for bridal portraits.

Lucy’s Loft

This shack is pretty indicative of the tenant houses that were in the area in the early 20th century. You can see there are two doors opening to the front porch. There were only two rooms with no connecting doors outside. To go from one room to the other, you had to go outside.