Pets have always been “joy-finders” for me. Anytime I’m overwhelmed, a cold nose pushes my hand up over a furry head or I feel the warm pressure of a dog lying beside me in the chair. Dogs have always been a part of my life. Our newest dog has a habit of lying over my feet, especially at night. It’s as if he’s saying, “I’ve got you. You’re not going anywhere tonight.”

When he came to us, he was around five weeks old.  You know how people say that their cats chose them? Well, this dog chose us.

We live in the middle of the woods with a red-clay driveway over three-tenths of a mile long. If you didn’t know we lived there, you’d probably be afraid to visit for fear of getting stuck. But we love seeing wildlife in the front yard and most of the time it’s quiet.

In July, I saw signs of an animal on our porch for a couple of days. I thought it was a fox, so when I heard a noise in our yard, I just knew it was a kit (fox pup). Instead, when I snuck out the side door, a little ball of black and tan fur sat in the yard, his snout up in the air howling. I caught him just as he was going under our porch. Even though y husband is the one who said he wanted to keep him, I didn’t argue. 

The puppy was skinny and so flea-infested, I had to bathe him twice. The vet said he looked to be a shepherd-mix and since his eyes were still green, he was probably around five weeks old. NOTE: Most dogs are born with blue eyes. Their eyes start changing to brown around five weeks. Since Buddy had green eyes, we knew someone had left him in our driveway. He couldn’t have travel that way by himself and he was too big for his mother to carry and leave.

Abandoned. Rejected.

But he didn’t stay that way. 

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He is definitely my husband’s dog. He calls him, Buddy. I call him, Buddy the Wonder Dog because I wonder who left him. I wonder what he’ll eat, chew or tear up next. I wonder if he’ll ever stop jumping on me. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to fuss at him without smiling at those big brown eyes.

He’s good for us. Having a pet can have all kinds of health benefits. Studies show that those with pets are more active. Since big dogs have to be walked regularly, Buddy helped my husband with his physical therapy after his knee replacement surgery.  And I admit, he’s also helped me by making me smile, by keeping me on my toes, and by helping me get in those extra steps. 

As much as we love him now, at the time we found him we had three other dogs. Caring for them was hard, and we wondered how we’d be able to do it. However, we didn’t know that one of our other dogs, Jade,  already had cancer. Caring for that wiggly, fluffy puppy helped me find joy while I mourned losing her. 

As I type this, he’s on my lap with my computer perched atop his back, a living, breathing computer desk. Joy-Finder: Buddy the Wonder Dog. I wonder what we would do without him. Click To Tweet

“…a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;” Ecclesiastes 3:4 ESV