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Will keeping his promise lead to another broken heart—or help them find love again?

Professor Mikaela Rhoades has a plan: she’ll encourage her students’ marine biology research through an exclusive program while helping an old family friend’s whale touring business stay afloat. The challenge is the tour captain is her first love and ex-fiancé. Mikaela longs to help his family in the wake of his father’s death, but she’s keeping secrets. She’ll have to face her past and overcome her concerns about the future to make it through the summer.

Captain Hunter Cahill has taken over the family touring business after his father’s death. Unfortunately, he’s drowning in grief and accumulated debt. He’s hoping the incoming stodgy professor will help resurrect the failing business, but he’s not prepared when that professor turns out to be Mikael

a, his former fiancée. To make matters more difficult, he’d promised his father to pursue her if she ever returned to the island single. The more time they spend together, the easier it is to keep that promise, though she still plans to leave at the end of the season. How much will it cost him to spend the summer romancing Mikaela?

Annette M. Irby

Annette M. Irby

About the Author: Annette M. Irby

Annette M. Irby has enjoyed writing stories since her teen years. If she’s not writing, she’s reading for review or editing. She is an active member of American Christian Fiction Writers was a finalist in their Genesis Contest, 2006.

She gives back to writers via her co-hosted blog, Seriously Write. Married over twenty-six years, she makes her home with her family in the Northwest. 

She has three books out: Finding Love in Friday Harbor, Washington, Her Nerdy CowboyHusband Material, and Love Letters. She currently works as a freelance editor at AMI Editing. She enjoys nature, gardening, photography, and falling deeper in love with Jesus. 

My Review of Finding Love in Friday Harbor, Washington

I live on the East Coast and I’ve never been to Washington State, but I got the feeling of the cool breezes blowing along the coast, slippery rocks heading down to the frigid waters, but most importantly, the teeming marine world in the waters of Friday Harbor. Orcas,  porpoise aren’t very common in my part of the country, although I have seen a few dolphins in the harbor. But ocean life and whale-watching tours are mostly in the background for the lovely Christian romance. 

Dr. Mikaela Rhoades and Captain Hunter Cahill try to forget the relationship they had as teens since the success of her graduate student program and his charter business is on the line. Their personal feeling can’t get in the way, not even if everybody is playing matchmaker. But something in their past is keeping them apart and Miki is carrying a secret she can never share.

I love that Irby has created a romance, not only between Miki and Hunter, but also one between the main characters and God. There’s a push-pull or why not-why that kept me wondering if the relationships would ever be reconciled. Hunter’s mom and Miki’s grandmother provides the ground for the electricity between the main characters and extra spiciness, added by Pierce, Dr. Smythe and the whole Jace-Desiree romance, kept me guessing.

I love Irby’s descriptions of being on the water, the sights and sounds of Friday Harbor. I also loved the twists and turns of the relationship between Miki and Hunter and how they were reminded again and again of God’s love. 

If you’re looking for a lovely romance set in the Pacific Northwest, you enjoy, Finding Love in Friday Harbor, Washington.

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