Miss Dimple Disappears: A Mystery
Remember grade school? If you weren’t lucky enough to have been taught by a “Miss Dimple”, it’s a sure bet your parents or grandparents were.
Dedicated and experienced, she could quell a disorderly upstart with a firm look, or, at most, a quiet reprimand. You didn’t argue with Miss Dimple!

It is 1942 and the United States is at war with Germany, Japan, and Italy. Young teachers, Charlie Carr and her friend, Annie Gardner, along with residents of Phoebe Fenwick’s boarding house and other quirky citizens of Elderberry, are forced to deal with the suspicious disappearance of Miss Dimple along with the hardships of World War II.

In MISS DIMPLE DISAPPEARS, decorous Miss Dimple Kilpatrick, longtime first-grade teacher at Elderberry Grammar School, has jolted and alarmed the small Georgia town by abruptly vanishing only one day after the school custodian is discovered dead.

Miss Dimple Disappears is a delightful cozy mystery. I like Miss Dimple’s no-nonsense spunk. She is not a helpless victim, even if she is hidden in a basement room. Charlie Carr keeps a level head throughout the mystery, but she’s not afraid to do some investigating, no sir! Other quirky characters add a lot to the storyline and each one is so unique – there’s no issue of getting Annie mixed up with Phoebe or anyone else, for that matter. 
As far as the historical accuracy, based on my mom’s stories, I can say that it feels appropriate. Men going off to war (sound familiar?), ration stamps, air raids and lights out all lend credibility to the setting of a small town during World War II. 
The mystery is also credible. There’s no question of whether it could have happened and it has just enough suspense to make it interesting but not uncomfortable. I wouldn’t mind reading this book at home alone, but it also was so good I confess I did a lot of “huh’s” to my husband as I read it. 
I’ve read several of Mignon Ballard’s mysteries and really liked them, especially the Augusta Goodnight series. This one is no exception. I can’t wait for the sequel.